How to start a Bullet Journal: 3 Easy Steps!

What is a Bullet Journal, you ask? A Journal that you have to write yo- It can be, literally, whatever you want it to be.

A Bullet Journal is an empty notebook which is used to organize events, to-do lists, ongoing lists like books you want to read this year, and daily, weekly, or monthly habits you’d like to track. Here’s some pictures to get you excited before you start your very own!

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I find it so much easier, always have done and probably always will, to write EVERYTHING down. When I say everything, I. MEAN. EVERYTHING. It helps me achieve so much more in life, as well as the feeling of accomplishment when checking off a goal!

That’s why I fell in love with Bullet Journals as soon as I came across them on Pinterest.

You can have your normal daily routine, with added details! You can record so many different, useful things in the same place. Including Habit trackers, 5 year plans, Meal plans/prep, weather forecasts for planning events, period trackers and so, so, so much more! The MOST important thing about a Bullet journal is; Time efficiency. No long sentences, no diary entries, no paragraphs, just symbols and short checklists. Perfect for anyone, especially people with busy schedules.

NOTE: There is no correct way to do a Bullet Journal. It is completely down to your wants and needs. 

A bullet journal is good for people who:

– Always use mini to-do lists

– Like to hand write on paper

– Like to set goals for themselves and track them

– Like stationery

– Want to be more organised

But! Even if you aren’t one of these people, I guarantee you’ll still love Bullet Journaling.

Step 1: Get your Equipment.

Picking the journal that’s right for you is essential. Think about what pens you’re going to be using, for example, if you want to use Berol you’re better off using thinner paper, however, if you want to use felt tip, make sure you get thick paper so it doesn’t leak through. There are so many different notebooks out there you’ll be sure to find the perfect one. If you’re just starting off, you can grab one for around £2.99 at your local WHSmiths. However, if you’re looking to spend a little more, there are specific journals for Bullet Journaling. These Journals usually always have thicker paper (which you can use Berol on too, just ensure the paper is white or light coloured) and they also usually have an index page with index numbers to label your pages.

The size of your Bullet Journal is down to preference. If you like to keep things pocket-sized and handy, select a smaller one. If you like to write on desk or on a bigger platform, use a bigger journal.

Pick your pens. I prefer colourful pens as it makes it all more fun. I use sharpies, or Berol felt tips. Make sure to get pens with different thickness for colouring and writing!

Step 2: Decide what you want in your Bullet Journal

What do you want to use your Bullet Journal for? There’s so many different ideas. Of course, the main layout includes a daily calendar/planner. Which always comes in handy! But other than that, the design and little sections are completely down to you!

You can include things such as:

  • Class Schedule
  • Spotify playlists
  • Money tracker
  • Meal plan
  • Shopping lists
  • Favourite quotes

And if you want to find more, just google! So many people have shared their ides about Bullet Journaling which is why it’s so easy to get started.

Step 3: Keep up with your bullet Journal

Write in it daily if you can, if not, check it daily. Always remind yourself of what you have to do, by the end of the month you will have a beautiful, hand decorated journal accustomed to you! You can use symbols to indicate things on your calendar so you can quickly glance over and view your goals for the day.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post about Bullet Journaling, if you want to see my pinterest board follow me here! Have a lovely day, remember to follow for more! Demelia xo

My top 5 Glossybox favourites!

In case you don’t already know what Glossy box is (which you definitely should), i’ll give you an insight.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service costing £13.25 per month including P&P, and every month you will receive five surprise health, skin care or beauty products in a beautifully wrapped box. In my previous boxes I have received high-end brands such as Laura Mercier, Benefit, and Caudalie but also more high-street brands such as L’Oreal, Topshop, Sleek, Gosh and many more.

Would I recommend Glossybox? Definitely! I’ve never been more pleasantly surprised by such a small box. You customise your profile when you sign up to suit your skin care, hair care and make-up preferences/shades, so everything is accustom to you! You also receive products between the prices of £2-£40. You definitely get your money’s worth each time! If you’d like to sign up now, click here!

Now, I will reveal my top 5 products which I have received in Glossybox’s in the past year!

1. GOSH Lumi Drops

I received the GOSH Lumi drops in shade Peach, and my god, is this stunning.

They are along the same lines as the Cover FX custom enhancer drops, but in my opinion, a lot more natural. It is a liquid highlighter, which gives a natural, incandescent glow.  You squeeze a pea sized amount, and rub into the are you wishPersonally, I use this mixed in with my foundation when I’m going for a dewy, glowy look, or, I apply it as a base coat just after my primer on my cheekbones, tip of my nose, and my brow bone to give a little dazzle. I LOVE this product.

Buy at Superdrug for £7.99 – 3 for 2 on selected cosmetics!


2. Secret Flush by Universal Beauty

I received this product in the shade Nectar, which I couldn’t be more happy about. This is a cream blush and lip stain duo, which is more than gorgeous and so creamy.

This product shines through for me, as I find it rare to come across a highly pigmented cream blush or cream lip stain. I was excited to find this in my Glossybox as this product combines both of what I need, and at an amazing quality. I use this product lightly on the apples of my cheeks for blush, blending up my cheek bone. It is so pigmented, so, you really do not want to pack it on and end up looking like an oompa-loompa (it’s okay, we’ve all been there.) This product also smells delightful, similar to the jelly bean scents. The packaging is very small and compact, easy for on-the-go use.

Buy at Glossybox for £16. (Worth more than the whole box!)

3. Safari Bronzer by Model Launcher

The Safari Bronzer is a one-of-a-kind bronzer and highlight duo. The bronzer is a perfect chocolate shade to contour, with the highlight also being a bronzey-gold, gorgeous for summer evenings. (And it’s a Safari Print, so cute!)

The reason this product has made it into my favourites is because 1. It’s blinding, as we can all see, but 2. I had NEVER heard of the brand before! I love getting a surprise subscription box, because you can discover brands that you’ve never came across… which are actually just as good as high-end brands! (and much cheaper, yay!) The bronzer blends like a dream, and doesn’t leave harsh lines. I wouldn’t recommend the highlighter if you want it to POP. However, if you’re looking for natural sun-kissed skin, look no further. I even blend them both together and apply over my face, for a healthy looking glow.

Buy at Glossybox for £21. (again.. worth more than the box!)

4. Laura Mercier Foundation primer

Do you want a primer that glides on like gel clouds? Do you want oil-free make-up that lasts all day? THIS is the primer for you. It helps your foundation to glide on smoother, giving a more expensive look with cheaper foundations.

I was so happy to have this product selected for me. I found that by the end of the day my face was so oily and I’d be rushing around powdering my face throughout the day. With this primer – no more oil! My make up looks flawless even at the end of the day and after a night out! What more could you want?

This is a little more pricey.. so you only receive a sample tube. Surprisingly, I’ve used this tube 6 or 7 times and I can still feel that’s there’s plenty left! Plus, I love it so much I’m adding the full size to my shopping list as soon as I’ve run out.

Buy it at FeelUnique for £30 (Full size).

5. Lip Crayon by Sleek

Now, if you’re anything like I was a few months ago, you don’t really see the point in Lip Crayons. And I do not blame you. Before trying out this Lip Crayon by Sleek, I had never used one as I didn’t have high expectations. However, this crayon is a gorgeous coral/peach colour, that compliments any pink/peachy lip liners.

I love this crayon because you can wear it by itself, or with lip liner, or on top of lipstick. It’s so universal, and also I haven’t had to sharpen it yet which is very promising! It’s the creamiest lip product I’ve ever used, helping your lips to feel moisturised whilst wearing. You glide the product onto your lips, and pout to see your art. This product is highly pigmented so you do not need a lot when you use it, however, I would say that it doesn’t stay on all day. You may want to carry it with you if you are planning on wearing it for a night out.

So… that’s the end!

As you can see, each month, you totally get your money’s worth back. A £21 highlight/bronzer duo for £13.25 along with 4 other fabulous products? YES PLEASE! So, fancy receiving 5 beauty products every month, beautifully wrapped and delivered to you in a pretty pink box? Of course you do! Use my exclusive code and you’ll receive your first box for only £7 (+P&P)! Click here to sign up, the code will automatically add!

I hope you enjoyed my first make-up post, if you have any suggestions or advice you’d like please do not hesitate to contact me! If you enjoyed, remember to follow for more, thank you!

Demi xo



I have finally brought myself to start a blog! Something I have been wanting to do for such a long time, but if I’m honest, it’s scary!

Coming into something completely new with no knowledge at all, but hey ho! Every new experience is a good one! I’m going to be writing about anything and everything, but mainly lifestyle, health and beauty tips. If you have any suggestions… PLEASE let me know! Anything interesting that does happen in life that I think I may be able to learn from and teach other people, anything I feel would help other people, or anything I just want to inform you about.

My name is Demi, I’m 18 years old and I am currently working full time in administration. Even though I am only 18  years old, do not underestimate me. I like to think I am already quite experienced with a lot of things. I also like to think I’m very mature (even though I’m probably kidding myself). I will do my research,  and hopefully motivate people and make this blogging thing regular! I don’t know how many people are going to see this but if you want to say hi, maybe even wish me luck, or share any tips with me do not be shy to drop me an email, it will make me feel a lot better about this whole thing, haha!

Thank you,

Demi xo

3 Ways to Make Money Online

So, I know, we’ve all had enough of seeing bogus videos of ‘quick money-making schemes’. We also all know, 9/10 it is just people trying to make money, by telling you how to make money, and it doesn’t work. I am here to share with you my 3 top ways to make money online, they won’t make you rich (well, maybe) but, if you need an extra bit of cash to pay a few bills or for an event coming up, earning money online is a good idea. As the saying goes, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks. Swagbucks is my number one, least boring way to earn money online. Swagbucks is a website where you earn points called SB for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping through their website or even just browsing through their search bar. Sign up is so simple, and barely takes a minute. You even get rewarded points just for confirming your email! Once you have built up enough points, you can redeem them for amazon gift cards, PayPal vouchers, etc. There is also a mobile app to use on-the-go, really worth having a look at if you have spare time.

Join Swagbucks here and get an extra 300 points!

2. Getting paid… for BROWSING!

Does earning cash for doing what you already do online sound good to you? This is a way to make income online without really doing anything, just what you would usually do.

This amazing marketing website by rewards you by browsing in Google, Bing or Yahoo. All you have to do is install a simple add-on to your internet browser, and each time you search, depending on what you search, there will be sponsored results besides your normal search.

Each sponsored result has a cash reward attached, letting you know what you will make from clicking on this ad. If you are interested in whatever is being sponsored, click and voila, money just like that.

qmee paid search

One of the high-points about Qmee compared to Swagbucks is that there is no minimum withdrawal amount. If you make £1.20, you can withdraw £1.20. Superb.

Sign up now for free at and earn cash from your own browsing!


3. Buying and Selling on Ebay

My third and final way is buying and selling on Ebay. Now, this can take time, or it can be very quick, depending on what you buy and sell. I would suggest either going to your local pound/dollar store to check what they have.


Search on eBay while you’re shopping to see if there are any items which sell for 10x online than they do in the shop, and I promise you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Image result for ebay

You can also find bulk items on Ebay that people sell for cheap just to get rid of quickly. You can then go on to sell these items individually and work up a hefty profit. Be careful when buying this bundles as you don’t want to end up with a load of junk.

For example, if you bought 10 pairs of shoes at £5 each, 10 x £5 = £50, you then go on to sell them for £10 each, £10 x 10 = £100. That’s £50 profit just from buying and selling some items. I also find this method very enjoyable as you can purchase a lot of different things and are not stuck to one way of earning.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, I hope it helps or motivates you with making money online. Please message me with any suggestions or any queries,

Demelia xo